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Wall and Table Sculpture

These pieces represent out newest work.  The pieces emphasize our use of carefully selected hardwoods and are mixed with metal found by scouring hardware stores and through the generosity of a close friend who is a jeweler.  In time past he did some beautiful sculpture pieces using metals and acrylics.  He shared some of his stash of found objects as well as his sources for finding such oddities. Skycraft in Orlando is one such place and for those of you who like to explore dusty places with a large supply of unusual "stuff" this place is for you.
The wall hangings have normal hardware for hanging.  The stand alone pieces do just that. We hope to add many more pieces over time.
To place an order, or for more information
e-mail: or call 870-404-9003

NOTICE:  This page is not accurate at this time.  We will update this in the summer when we return to our studio.  The pieces below are work we have made over the past couple of years but some may no longer be available.

Flying Fish 12
Padauk On Walnut
Wall hanging.

Padauk on Shedua accented with maple. The circles are Bubinga on copper pivots. Copper and Brass accents. 
Wall hanging. 
22 x 20

Flying Fish 7
Padauk on Brazilian Walnut with accents of maple, catalpa, and oak.  With brass and other metals.
Wall Hanging  
18 x 19

 On that Note
Yellow Heart on Purple Heart with Wenge
Accents of various metal and hardwood

Rising & Setting Suns
Padauk and Yellow heart with brass
Wall hangings
each 14 x 14
$140 pair

Flying Fish 5
Birds-eye Maple on walnut with
copper and brass. 
Wall hanging. 
21 x 16

Flying Fish 6
Leopardwood on Padauk with copper. The grain of the leopardwood is truly unique in this piece. 
Wall hanging. 
18 x 16

Flying Fish 8
Leopardwood on Walnut with accents of yellow heart, maple, walnut and cherry. With aluminum, brass and copper
Wall Hanging  18 x 19

Flying Fish 9
Leopard wood on Bird's-eye Maple
with accents of various hardwoods.
With copper
Wall Hanging 18X18

Leopardwood on Maple Bed
Copper Seaweed  34X18

Zebrawood & Shedua,  12X12
Accents of Various Hardwoods and Metal

She's Come Undone
Yellow Heart, Leopardwood, Shedua, Walnut
Accents of various wood and metal, 36X12

Rings for Eva
Bird's-eye maple and Purple Heart
with copper and brass
14 wide X 22 high
$280  SOLD

Small Thesaurus
16 X14 high
Curly Maple & Walnut


Tall Thesaurus
24X16 high
Maple & Walnut

               Grab Your Pole
                   Shedua with Accents
                       Wall Hanging

Table Fan
Mahogany, Walnut, Shedua
12 wide X 12 high







To place an order, or for more information
e-mail: or call 870-404-9003
Meyer Wood Designs
1369  MC 5002 ~ Yellville, AR  72687