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Treenware - Of the Tree - Hardwood Utensils

We include a card with the following care information with each utensil:
"Your utensil has been finished with an FDA approved oil and beeswax. It should be washed by hand and renewed with mineral oil on occasion. A light sanding with a fine grit sandpaper and oiling or waxing will restore the finish, helping it to last for many years."
To place an order, or for more information
e-mail: or call 870-404-9003

Shipping and Handling
$0-50  $5.00
50-100 $7.50
100-150  $10.00
Over $150  $15.00

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Salad Servers


Servers & Wok Tools

Cooking & Baking Tools



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Meyer Wood Designs
1369  MC 5002 ~ Yellville, AR  72687